Finding a Dentist in Baltimore MD

In Baltimore, Maryland, if you need a dentist, you have several options. Dental clinics often have sliding-fee scales for low-income patients. Patients need only provide proof of residency and income evaluation forms to qualify for services. If you live in Baltimore County, you can also ask your local Public Health Dentistry office for a referral to a dentist. The office also maintains a directory of dentists who treat Baltimore County residents.

Dr. Sahar Damghani

Dr. Sahar Damghani is a dentist in Baltimore MD with over 15 years of experience. She has received many different types of payments from medical companies. These can range from small fees for conferences to large consulting fees or royalties. Some dentists even receive payments from specific pharmaceutical companies for specific procedures. While these payments may not be a cause for concern, patients should ask Dr. Damghani about them if they are worried about their health.

A dentist provides preventative care and dental care to help people maintain a healthy mouth. They look for signs of disease and abnormalities in the mouth and perform necessary diagnostic procedures. Often, these symptoms are also a warning sign of other illnesses throughout the body, so a visit to the dentist can benefit your overall health.

Dr. Shannon Erny

A dentist is a professional who has been licensed to practice in Maryland. They are trained to perform examinations and perform dental procedures to ensure the health of your teeth and gums. They can also spot abnormalities in your mouth and perform the necessary diagnostic procedures to determine the problem. In addition to promoting oral health, dentists are trained to look for signs of disease throughout the body. Therefore, visiting a dentist is beneficial for your whole body health. If you’re looking for a dentist in Baltimore, MD, you can contact Dr. Shannon Erny.

Dr. Erny practices general dentistry. She treats patients of all ages and has an interest in preventative dental care. Her personal interests include playing the piano and practicing yoga with her two daughters. She also enjoys cooking and spending time with family.

Dr. Einbinder

Dr. Elliot Einbinder is a Dentist in Baltimore MD who provides comprehensive oral care. He specializes in treating dental diseases and cavities and is also experienced in evaluating gum health. In addition to regular cleanings, he recommends a minimum of two yearly dental exams and may recommend other diagnostic tests.

If you’re searching for a Dentist in Baltimore MD, consider Opencare. The website allows you to search for dental practices in Baltimore by address, specialty, and more. You can also take a quiz to find out if a particular dentist provides the dental services you need.

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